As I prepare for the upcoming release of The Witches’ Rede: Alight, I’ve been brainstorming all the ways I can celebrate what is a momentous occasion for me. (More on that in a future blog post.)

I am leery of Facebook parties (with the hope my feelings toward them may change with subsequent book releases) and I reluctantly admit the unfortunate limitations of Twitter (primarily being a tweet’s shelf-life is under 20 minutes long, plus my sneaking suspicion that all but 10 of my followers have me muted). I wanted to do things differently from when I released Rays of Sunshine. I was young, I needed the money–no, sorry. That’s a different scenario. Does this mean no blog tour? No enormous give-away? No interviews? Maybe, maybe, no. I welcome those who’d like to host me on their blogs, I’d be thrilled with any interviews anybody would like to conduct with me. The give-away thing? Well, just keep in mind that hubby and I just bought a house last month and moved, so what I’m able to give away, if I can do so, is going to be modest.

Anyway: The book release blitz that seemed most appealing to me was to get other independent authors involved; not by spreading the word about my work, but by helping to spread the word about theirs. Community is important, and for writers–especially indie authors–community is crucial. 

So what I would like to do is let my website blog be the platform for other indie authors to share their work in the days leading up to Alight‘s release.

Without further ado, a quick 5W-style rundown of what I’m requesting:

Who I’m looking for: If you are an indie author with published books (or soon-to-be published books), I’m looking for you! (Please note: if you are an indie author who doesn’t have any work for sale yet, please submit a blog post anyway about your works in progress, and include links where my audience can find you!)

What I’m looking for: Creativity! I want your words about your work to be as unique as your work. I’ve invited early responders to write their blog posts in script form, as haiku, as sonnets, from their characters’ points-of-view. I have no criteria for length or content (I just ask that the content in some way relates to your work). If you want to write the post in nothing but animated gifs, you go for it! Wanna make it dark? Perfect. Want people to laugh so hard they’ll pee themselves? I welcome it!

I ask for 2 small things:

  1. Include buy-links so my blog audience can find your work.
  2. Please send fresh content (even if it’s for existing work that’s been published for ages). I really don’t want to reblog during this time.

When I’m looking for it: As soon as possible, but no rush just yet. My book release is “winter of 2017.” Depending on community response, I may start this party as early as December 1st. Ideally, there will be one blog update per day leading up to Alight‘s release.

Where I’m looking for it: Please email your blog posts to author (at) . If you don’t get confirmation within a day or two that I got your message, bug me on Twitter or by submitting a message through my Facebook page.

How I’m looking for it: I’ll handle blog post formatting. If you’ve got images you want to use (everything from character art to setting inspiration, author profile photos, animated gifs because we all know the allure of animated gifs), please include them in the email (and if they need to go in a specific spot in the post, please let me know where). Just don’t forget those buy-links! 

Why I’m looking for it: Because I had so many lovely people help me with my last book release that I’d love to return the favor, pay it forward, help my tribe, well–you get the point. We’re (writing) family!


So if you want to get in on the action here, I welcome your contribution! Thank you in advance to everyone who helps!


- Jewel