The Witches' Rede (image) Harm None

The Witches’ Rede Series:

Book One – Alight – Now Available!

How does nature keep an omnipotent creature from destroying the world?
Impose on it a strict moral code: First, Harm None.

The Witches’ Rede series explores relationships forged with chosen families rather than the ones given by blood and birth; it follows these relationships through adversities, hard luck, and victories as a misfit band fights to find its place in an indifferent, Victorianesque world and shows how weaknesses can become strengths, what makes us imperfect makes us special and lovable, that scars are beautiful, and that what’s broken can always be mended.

Discover how even the biggest demons—internal and external alike—can be slain, the darkest abyss traversed, and the hardest of times overcome with the love and strength of found family.

Amid the clink of bleeders on wooden boardwalks, hot and dusty afternoons peppered with the spray of gunfire propelled by the blinding light of fantastical weapons, explosive magic and the mysterious paranormal, this steampunk series is an adventure and romance for the ages.

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